We are automobile parts general wholesale trade company
handling in both domestically and overseas.

We aim at the Spirit of reliance
which is a part of the automobile industry.
Japan represents the automobile power in the world.
The more people love car, the more we carry out.
Not only in Japan, we carry out automobile parts from the world.
We are always ready to purchase you immediately.
SHINSEI-SYOKAI CO. Ltd., is an inestimable company
supporting to automobile industry now.
" Spirit" is "Communication of a man with car"
for all people who love car.


We use "Spirit" as trademark which means "the spirits, the minds, the courage, the willpower and the real intentions" , the roots of the life.
The essence of commercial transaction should be in alternating current of "Spirit".
Thus, we selected this mark to be our trademark of our company.


3-19-13 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo JAPAN
TEL 03-3443-1101 FAX 03-3433-3408