The automobile parts you are looking for is here.

Necessary parts when it is necessary.
We SHINSEI SYOKAI Ltd., have striven for a motto as "Accuracy", "Quickness" and "Abundant". We have striven to establish the goods in stock for customers' needs right and speedy delivery system.
By an enterprise effort of the many years, we come to have evaluation of an industry top rank. So as to all respond to the customers' reliance.
We continue to care customer is the first place and supply parts of a domestic car and a foreign country car from.

Abundant goods in stock

We handle abundant parts for domestic cars and foreign cars.We import parts from Europe such as Germany and France directly. Now parts of United States car are much demands recently, so we import them also. All parts we have in stock at SHIBAURA distribution center.

SHIBAURA distribution center
a warehouse of the part lumps it together